Work with Artificial Intelligence

Bring your code to life with the artificial intelligence building blocks provided by astica. Our library for computer vision utilities, speech generation or dictation tools will help to automate and drive a new level of interactivity inside your applications.

Machine Vision

Automatically moderate images, retrieve text or generate descriptive captions. See Examples

Computer Hearing

Integrate voice commands, or allow users to easily dictate their words inside your project. See Examples

Speech Generation

Implement realistic human voices into your platform to encourage and immerse users. See Examples

Object Detection

Accurately recognize and describe objects in real-time using machine vision technology. See Examples

Integrating AI is easy with astica

It takes only one line to add a natural human voice to your application.

asticaVoice('Hello world!');
This single line of javascript can be added to your cross-platform application to add realistic human feedback using asticaVoice. View asticaVoice Text to Speech Demo View API Sandbox

Automatically moderate images, detect faces, or generate detailed captions.

asticaVision('Image URL or Base64');
asticaVision('Image URL', 'description,objects,faces');
Using asticaVision, this single line of javascript can be used to recognize people, objects and places. asticaVision Demo: Analyze and Describe Images View API Sandbox (Also available via REST API)

Generate high quality and unique content relevant to the input you provide. Generate blog posts, short stories and more with artificial intelligence.

asticaGPT('It is a wonderful day to do go to the park');

asticaGPT uses the GPT-S engine and can be used for content production, user interaction, and general NLP. asticaGPT Demo: Try GPT-S Preview View API Sandbox (Also available via REST API)

Accurately identify objects in real-time to determine size, shape, brand or species of animal or plant.

asticaVision('Image URL or Base64', 'Objects');
function asticaVision_result(data) {
Or try full Vision AI:
asticaVision('Image URL', 'Adult,Categories,Description,Color,Faces,Objects,Tags,Brands');
function asticaVision_result(data) { console.log(data); }

Vision AI allows you to recognize faces or analyze faces to determine identity, age and gender.

asticaVision('Image URL', 'Faces');

Use machine vision to describe real-time video or images.

asticaVision('Image URL', 'Description');

Analyze documents and images with machine vision to transcribe any text content contained inside the file.

asticaVision('Image URL', 'Read');

Vision AI can be used to read product labels, street signs, and transcribe PDF files automatially using the astica API.

Keep your platform safe and automatically moderate user submitted content using Vision AI.

asticaVision('Image URL', 'Moderate');