Welcome to the GPT-S preview demo. Here you can explore the capabilities of this powerful natural language processing engine. GPT-S is a capable NLP engine that provides cognitive API for developers, enabling them to integrate natural language understanding into their applications.

Use this demo to see how GPT-S can generate text in a human-like manner, respond to questions, and even create stories based on a given prompt. We invite you to explore the various features of GPT-S and discover how it can enhance your applications with intelligent, natural language understanding. This tool is provided for research purposes only.

Please use the GPT-S Javascript API or GPT-S REST API within your application.
NOTE: GPT-S is in early preview access.

Integrate asticaGPT with one line of code:

asticaGPT("Write a sentence about apples:", 25)
Use asticaListen and asticaVoice to talk and hear GPT-S:

GPT-S NLP Sandbox:

Notice: If using GPT-S API for production use, contact success@onamal.com to enable elevated access.
GPT-S Demo requires free account.

Note This demo now requires a free account to access. Your account is provided with free tokens to get started here, or using the API. Login Now.
185 Tokens

Implement GPT-S within your application or content management system. .

Integrate GPT with One Line of Code

Provide input text and specify your DOM element to receive the content within the callback function.

<script src="https://astica.ai/javascript-sdk/2023-07-09/astica.api.js"></script>
    asticaAPI_start('API KEY HERE'); //only needs to be called once.  
    //Simple Usage:
    asticaGPT("Write a sentence about apples:")
    //With Token Limit:
    asticaGPT("Write a sentence about apples:", 25)
    var asticaGPT_params = {
        stream_output: document.getElementById("astica_ML_stream_output").value
    //default asticaGPT callback
    function asticaGPT_generateComplete(data){
        if(typeof data.error != 'undefined') { alert(data.error); }     
        //optional text to speech with asticaVoice:
    //receive asticaGPT response stream real-time
    function asticaGPT_generatePreview(data){   
        if(typeof data.error != 'undefined') { alert(data.error); return; }     
    //Plug and play example:    
    function asticaGPT_example(string, tokens) {
       asticaGPT(string, tokens) 
    setTimeout(function() { 
        asticaAPI_start('API KEY HERE'); //only needs to be called once.   
        asticaGPT_example('Write a sentence about apples:', 55); //max 55 tokens
    }, 1000);  


Content Produced by Artifical Intelligence

GPT-S provides the ability to generate unique content created through the use of AI with performance exceeding text-davinci-003 (GPT-3). This is a significant improvement over previous astica models which rivaled only OpenAI Curie. You can access a powerful javascript API to integrate GPT-S into your applications for real-time interactivity. GPT-S is also available via REST API. Use the API to create grammatically correct, and human readable content that is unique and will pass copyscape plagerism checking. It can be used for any other NLP tasks. Use the sandbox to experiment with industry specific GPT prompts. Get your API Key

Ghost Writing Powered by GPT-S

GPT-S can generate a rough draft of your blog post or creative writing project. Artificial intelligence will analyse your input to determine context such as realism as well as informal methods of speech such as slang. Refine your input and parameters to quickly generate unique and highly relevant content around the intended topic.

Interact Using AI

The astica API provides the building blocks to combined real-time user input such as image and video to analyze and detect objects, faces and landmarks. Combine these with astica GPT-S to create unique responses and anecdotes relevant to the user submitted input. Try the Descriptive Vision API samples online to try it online.