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Voice Assistant API

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Tell me a joke
Shares a joke from Reddit.
tell me a joke,share a joke,tell me something funny,say something funny
How to {blank}
Provides instruction on a task.
how to,how do i,how do you,what do you to do,tell me how to,
What is {blank}
Provides knowledge on a query.
what is,what are 
Continue Speech
Continues previous incoming voice
okay continue,you can continue,continue,keep going
Pause Speech
Mute incoming voice
okay thanks,that's enough,stop,hold on,stop for a second
Reset last command
For debugging purposes
new command
Simple Response
what is the opposite of cold
What time is it?
Provides current time
what time is it,what's the time,what is the time

Hands-free Communication

Voice AI allows you to create hands-free communication and enable users to safely engage with your platform or application while performing other activities. Provide verbal feedback, and respond to voice commands from users in real-time using the javascript API.

Accurate Speech to Text

Use the Voice AI provided by astica to provided natural sounding feedback to users from your application. Improve UI and interactivity of select ares of your application by providing detailed audio responses instead of generic event chimes and beeps.

Speaker Recognition

The Voice Assistant API can be configured to only accept commands from an approved speaker. Secure your Voice AI integration with speaker recognition to make sure that the voice assistant only responds to authenticated users.

Customize with Natural Voices

Customize your Voice Assistant integration with the Voice Generation API which enables you to customize the nationality, language and gender of your generated voice. Find a voice that can effectively represent your brand using natural voice generation that recognizes and understands punctuation.

Integrate Voice Assistant API

You can implement the API provided by astica to include Voice AI into your platform or application. To get started with integration check the sample codes found used for generating natural voice, and receiving commands from users.

It's easy to add a realistic human voice to your application.

asticaSpeak('Hello world!');
This single line of javascript can be added to your cross-platform application to add natural feedback using asticaSpeak.

Add immersive hand-free control to your project by integrating voice commands.

asticaSpeak('Okay, I am listening');
function asticaVoiceCommand() {		
  if(asticaPhrase == 'hello') {
	asticaSpeak('Hi! How are you?');
  if(asticaPhrase == 'what time is it') {
	asticaSpeak('The current time is {asticaRef_timeCurrent}');
  asticaPhrase = '';