Generate realistic human Speech using asticaVoice Neural AI

Realistic Speech Generation

Generate realistic human speech in your web browser using astica text to speech. There are dozens of dialects, and different voices to choose from. Integrate asticaVoice with only line of code.

This online demo showcases 1 of 35+ voices. Create an API key and visit the: Javascript Text to Speech API sandbox to explore them all.

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Text to Speak:

  • This online voice AI demo does not support all versions of iOS.
  • This online demo has a limit of 600 characters per request.
  • This online demo offers just one of 35+ different voices.

  • Check the improved platform at

    • Improved Documentation
    • Improved Voice AI Demo
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    How to Integrate
    Speech to Text API

    Integrate asticaVoice javascript API to allow your applications to speak using just one line of code.

    <script src=""></script>
        asticaAPI_start('API KEY HERE'); //only needs to be called once.        
        //Simple usage:      
        asticaVoice('Hi! How are you doing today?');    
        //Specify a voice id:    
        asticaVoice('Hi! How are you doing today?', 5);
        //With custom callback:    
        asticaVoice('Hi! How are you doing today?', 5, your_astica_CallBack);   
        function your_astica_CallBack(data) {     
            if(typeof data.error != 'undefined') { alert(data.error); return; }      
        //With function and parameters:    
        function asticaVoice_example(string) {
        setTimeout(function() { 
            asticaAPI_start('API KEY HERE'); //only needs to be called once.   
            asticaVoice_example('Hi! How are you doing?'); 
        }, 1000);

    Natural Text to Speech

    Voice AI provides real-time speech synthesizing trained to replicate the way humans talk and conversate. With configurable parameters, astica enables you to choose from multiple voices, tones, and languages, to find your perfect voice.

    Programmable Voice

    Breath new life into your application or project with realistic asticaVoice AI powered text to speech. asticaVoice, a simple Text to Speech API, is a powerful tool that allows developers to easily integrate speech synthesis into their applications. This intuitive and user-friendly API provides a simple interface for converting text into natural-sounding audio, making it ideal for a wide range of use cases, including e-learning, accessibility, and automated notifications. The Simple Text to Speech API supports multiple languages and dialects, ensuring that your application can reach a global audience.

    Integrate with Voice Commands

    Combined realistic speech generation with high precision speech recognition to create interactive experiences using voice, or combine with GPT engines such as GPT-S by astica which features similar one-line integration.